war ballads - lifeguard participation


where were you when the war came?


If your character cannot participate in one of the March War Ballad events, you still have an opportunity to be in the story by signing up for your character to join the Lifeguard unit, a collection of Grove and Outer Grove citizens who will be headed to the front lines to fight the Hansfields. To qualify, you must fall into the following:

  • Players who are able to attend one, but not both, of the War Ballad events.
  • Characters that are housed in the DR:MA chapter.
  • *This includes alt characters if you are attending the War Ballad events as your main character, but your alt must appear at one of the two events.

You will receive a small write-up of what happened to your unit by email before the next DR:MA event you attend. 

Which event are you not attending? *
You must be attending one of the two events.