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ExArcana: Providence

     What is ExArcana?

ExArcana is a parlour LARP in which there is no live combat -- it's all represented through cards that make-up your character's skills. The game exists in the modern era that we live and work in now with one notable difference -- magic is real, and after being suppressed for a hundred years, it's back. Average citizens are waking up with extraordinary powers they never knew they had, and in the exhilaration of discovery comes equal dangers.

Providence is ripe with those dangers. The bones of the city are steeped in eldritch horrors and old magic that goes as far back as the colonies themselves. As they begin to rise again, the newest initiates into magic must ready themselves to defend what is to come.

You can find out more about the world of ExArcana by checking out this link:

     What is required to play ExArcana?

ExArcana runs on the Chronos Universal LARP System. While we will have cards for new players to use, we highly suggest purchasing your own desk. The Chronos system can be used for dozens of different parlour LARPs and table-top games and it's well worth the money spent.

While it's not necessary, we encourage players to consider purchasing the separate ExArcana deck and the ExArcana corebook, which goes over much of the history of the game world. While they will be available for purchase at game, you can also pick them up at DriveThruRPG:

     Who can play ExArcana?

ExArcana: Providence is an 18+ game. Some events will be 21+, as they will frequently occur in bars or lounges in the Providence area. Games typically run for four hours. Find out more by checking out our Facebook page.



Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts

     What is Dystopia Rising?

Dystopia Rising is a networked boffer LARP that takes place in the post-apocalyptic world set several generations out from the fall of man. Humanity as you know it is no more, and in its place are people who have evolved into various "strains" based on where they grew up and who their parents are. Dystopia Rising is less about fighting zombies and more about what the face of life might look like when you attempt to rebuild the world from scratch.

The Massachusetts game focuses on a small settlement called The Grove, where our characters are trying to create a community for themselves in the wake of their original settlement being devastated. It's a weekend long, fully immersive LARP where game begins on Friday night and ends Sunday afternoon.

     What is required to play Dystopia Rising?

For the most part, you and your creativity. There is a list of recommended reading, new player information, and expectations of play you should read through before checking us out, however.

     Who can play Dystopia Rising?

Dystopia Rising is an 18+ game with rare exceptions made for those who are younger, but playing alongside a parent or guardian. Dystopia Rising is a mature, horror/survival themed game, so we try and respect that it may not be for everyone. Again, it's worth checking out our page on the expectations of play so you understand what themes you may see at game.

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