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Experience designer

Seed & Sword is looking for a Experience Designer for Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts.  The position is intended to be done primarily from home or remotely, with regular contact via email, messenger, and video/audio internet calls. You will work directly with Seed & Sword as well as the Logistics, Visual Design, and Community Management.

Applicants are highly encouraged to read about our game and explore our content and community before applying.

Position duties include:

  • Creating the overall themes, story lines, and cultures of the Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts game world while adhering to genre guidelines.

  • Attending all Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts events to manage the flow of story lines and take active response to player engagement.

  • Working closely with a Visual Design, Logistics, Community Management, and Marketing to ensure that the experience design elements are maintained through-out all aspects of the game.

  • Managing a team of contract writers, providing guidance and feedback as necessary.

  • Attendance at conventions and social events throughout the year for the purposes of promotion.

  • Attendance to at least three travel games a year to other branches of Dystopia Rising, including at least one National event.

  • Working closely with players and using feedback and player agency to create a cooperative play environment.

  • The ability to adapt to various situations and issues as they arise, staying calm in the face of extreme emotions and potential "crisis" situations

  • Working with other Experience Designers across the network to collaborate on projects.

Applicants should:

  • Be able to be legally employed in the US

  • Live in the general area of Massachusetts or Rhode Island

  • Have played Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts for at least one year and/or have an understanding of its genre

  • Have reliable transportation

  • Have reliable internet access and a personal computer

  • Have a working knowledge of the internet and Microsoft Office

  • Have experience writing and editing creative, collaborative content

  • Have experience managing writers and deadlines

  • Have Excellent communication skills

  • Have a proven track record of successful interactive content

  • Be willing to remain calm in chaos and take feedback; taking things in stride with a sense of humor is a plus

Preferred additional skills:

  • Experience in event planning

  • Experience in world building

Salary negotiable, based on experience.

Please send resume, two (2) work-related references, and an example of a storyline you would run at Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts to kelsey@seedandsword.com. Applications are being accepted through May 31st.