ExArcana: Providence

Game Info

Basic game info: http://www.eschatonmedia.com/exarcana/
ExArcana Book & Cards (available in hard copies and digital downloads): http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/4191/Eschaton-Media

Your First Parlour Larp: A Primer
Character Creation & Conflict Resolution: Chronos 101

Setting & Character Info

ExArcana: Providence takes place in modern day Providence, Rhode Island and the surrounding area.  The game exists in the modern era that we live and work in now with one notable difference -- magic is real, and after being suppressed for a hundred years, it's back. Average citizens are waking up with extraordinary powers they never knew they had, and in the exhilaration of discovery comes equal dangers.

Providence is ripe with those dangers. The bones of the city are steeped in eldritch horrors and old magic that goes as far back as the colonies themselves. As they begin to rise again, the newest initiates into magic must ready themselves to defend what is to come.

The themes of ExArcana: Providence are a mix of Supernatural, X-Files, and Cthulhu where characters with no powers interact with the magical under extraordinary circumstances. We diverge from typical ExArcana games by being less focused on 'high magic' concepts in a challenging setting where Magisters have been forced to recognize the old oaths were broken in order to protect Providence and there are those here in Providence without magic, built in ancient blood lines, who they must rely on in order to succeed.


Although the Magisters returned three years ago when the seal was broken, they didn't initially have memories of their old life. They know they were different, they knew something was wrong with themselves, and strange things happen to them, but they've been unable to tap into that part of their old life at all. It's like a fog is over it. There was no magical activity in Providence all, despite the seal being broken, and they felt off because of it.

How you use that information is up to you. A lot of the old Magisters of Providence turned into "crazy" homeless people or have been locked away for psychotic episodes upon waking; some of them have turned their madness into what the modern world looks at as "enlightened genius" as tech wizards, business entrepreneurs, and artists.

Recently, the fog over the Magisters' memories have lifted and they now remember their old lives and old oaths. Providence Magisters know that there was a dark, foreboding evil deep in the city of Providence and that they allied with several houses of non-magical humans who swore to protect the Magisters' oaths and act as their guards, their armies, and the defenders of the future. Together, they placed an extra seal over the city of Providence that bound the darkness within it, but it also made the Magisters forget all that they knew -- until now. How they process their old memories now that they've returned is up to you.


A few years ago is when shit started to get weird for you. You might not be able to pinpoint it to a single moment, or even an event, but things just started to get.. odd. It could be several strokes of luck, things getting lost or reappearing again, times you should have gotten hurt but miraculously escaped injury. For some of you, it's more dangerous -- like that time you idly thought about how much you hated that girl at school, and the next day she got in a car accident.

It has never happened enough to really alarm you, but you're finding that the frequency of this weird moments -- some of them idle or small, some more complex -- seems to be increasing.

Now that the Magisters are returning, they have begun to collect Guttersnipes under their wing to try and teach them more about their abilities -- and some of them have been brought under the wings of much darker forces too.


You may not know why you're involved in this. It could be for some reason you're gravitating toward these places where these weirdos are, or that you're into paranormal investigation and you're aware that these guys are up to something, or you could even have knowledge that your family, generations ago, used to help old wizards and you've been waiting for this moment your whole life.

Non-magical humans are looked upon with a certain amount of trepidation by the Magisters, because they're aware it traditionally breaks their old oaths about secrecy. Despite that, the deal was struck in blood pacts over a century ago and you and the Magisters, for better or for worse, are in it for the long haul. The problem is that you, more than anyone else, are more susceptible to the influences of the dark creatures outside who might try and destroy everything you and your allies have worked toward, throwing Providence into darkness once more.


Character Growth

Characters start at 13 build and gain 1 build for every event they attend. You are allowed one rewrite of any spells and skills you choose; they are tracked through our internal database. You can choose to be a Magister, a Guttersnipe, or a "dude with no power." For more info on how to build a character, check out the Chronos primer linked at the top of the page. We allow cards from ExArcana, Horrors, Powers, and the base Chronos sets. Characters using the Abomination, Ghost, and Vampire base cards should be background approved to make sure they fit within the setting of the game world.

The Story So Far...

Six months ago a group of strangers were drawn to a single location for reasons unknown. Fortune tellers, musicians, cab drivers, corporates and creatives all walked into the same basement bar without knowing why. As the evening went on, it was revealed that all of them were a part of an ancient bloodline of old houses, both magical and non, who placed a seal over the city of Providence to keep the old horrors at bay, back when the great Magisters and Magicians of old chose to lock magic away from the world.

Now magic is back. They have the power to fight those horrors. At the end of the night, they had to make a choice -- to release the spell that bound Providence and allow them to see and fight the monsters in the dark, as well as enhance their own powers, or let ignorance be bliss. They chose to fight and break the lock over Providence, releasing a creature amongst them who had been riding inside the body of one of their own numbers.

Six months have passed. It's time to learn what exactly it means to be magical, what they've agreed to, and try to learn more about the monster that they let back into the world.