about larping

Live-action roleplay, or LARPing, is about immersing yourself in the role of a character in order to explore and try something new. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, from full plate armor in the woods to subtle interactions at your local bar.

We all LARP in real life - every time we talk to coworkers, customers, or peers, we are interacting with others in order to satisfy a role. When we choose to investigate and immerse ourselves in an experience, we tend to learn a lot about ourselves in the process - that's what two decades of LARPing has taught us.

It's also taught us it's a hell of a lot of fun.

Feel free to check out our blog, our in-house staff, or any of our events. And if you have any questions, drop us a line in our contact form. We’ll get back to you – we love talking nerdy.



about us

We know what it takes to turn an idea into reality - we've been doing it for years. With over a decade of combined experience in designing, writing, running, and creating content and artwork for live-action events and resources, Seed & Sword represents a group of nerds who want to help you take your concept and bring it to life.

We provide a broad range of services and freelancers for hire in order to help you create and run your live-action event, whether it's for entertainment or a corporate experience that you're trying to bring to the next level.




who is seed and sword?


Photo by Mitzie Gibson.


Kelsey Desrosiers

Secretly a series of birds in a person suit, Kelsey has been playing, writing, and running LARPs since she was sixteen. Creator and owner of Seed & Sword, she likes bad guys, cheese, and Star Wars. She excels in writing creative content that challenges the long-term effects of decision-making and game design that allows the players to create their own plot-based sandbox to ruin. Her favorite video game is the Mass Effect series, which should probably tell you something about how much she likes misery.

Kelsey likes working with upcoming female-identified and queer writers, events that are trial-by-fire, entertainment LARP content, and wacky corporate ‘LARP’ events.



  • Creative content
  • Event production
  • Consultation services



• Storytelling Director, Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts
• Game Organizer, Exarcana: Providence
• Contributing Writer, Dystopia Rising: Overgrowth of the Undying
• Contributing Writer, Utopia Descending
• Contributing Event Producer/Writer, Imagine Nation Collective
• Plot Writer, Alliance: Caldaria






Evan Tessier

Evan has been LARPing for seven years, but he used to hit his friends with sticks and plastic swords in the front yard for a lot longer than that. He likes to write scenarios in which people feel the thrill of adventure and the triumphant (and sometimes bittersweet) joy of having done something completely awesome. He likes bad guys with hearts of gold, eating ice cream, and stuff about science.

Evan’s writing strengths lie in conversational description and evocative imagery, and he is gifted at making things as complete as possible while still being easy to digest and comprehend. Evan works best in collaborative brainstorming sessions, where multiple artists turn the seed of an idea into a mighty and flowering tree of cool stuff via the nurturing power of excitement. He enjoys being “backstage” doing administrative or coordination work for games almost as much as he enjoys taking an onstage role.



  • Worldbuilding
  • Event organization and development
  • Creative content


• Plot Writer, Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts
• Plot Writer, Alliance: Deadlands
• Network Event Director, Utopia Descending
• Contributing Writer, Utopia Descending
• Contributing Event Producer/Writer, Imagine Nation Collective



In-house artist

SC Scola

Sebastian is a freelance artist and high school dropout who does not know how to craft a whole paragraph about himself without forming it into some form of non-serious mess. Born and raised at roughly every significant point along the East Coast, he's best found now in Rhode Island with two fat and/or dumb cats. He's been working with Seed & Sword since its incarnation.



  • Character Creation & 2D References
  • Digital sketchwork
  • Animals, undead, and musculature structures


• Contributing Artist, Scraps of the Rust Empire
• Contributing Artist, Overgrowth of the Undying
• Primary Artist, CHRONOS: Sleep Hollow Skein Book
• Primary Artist, CHRONOS: Horror Support Deck
• Primary Artist, Dogtopia Rising: The Apawcalypse



Coordination Director, Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts

Gabriel Ruiz

New Jersey born dog child made in the fires of Christian oppression, Gabriel J. Ruiz is new to the New England circuit but not the concepts of gaming and LARP. After 6 years of playing in the apocalypse and about 15 years of time wasted online playing Tetris mods, he spends most of his free time organizing and planning the next event months before it is even thought of. Kingdom Hearts junkie and anime fan the likes of which could be considered an addiction, Gabe is known to run spontaneous one shot verbal role play scenes that turn into a seven-year home brew table top system. Given this new opportunity with Seed & Sword, the future holds a series of new doors to be kicked open while screaming about a troll based web comic and better snacks in the break room.


  • Event Coordination
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media Analysis




  • Coordination Director: Dystopia Rising MA
  • Coordination Marshal: Dystopia Rising NJ
  • Production Manager: Phoenix Outlaw; Dresden Files